Training Method Notes

The training methodology employed in Casey Clayton’s Kenpo is a modified version of how he was trained by Mills Crenshaw and Ed Parker Sr. (Master Clayton was awarded his Black Belt by Ed Sr. in late ’62 or early ’63).


The foundation of the system relies on solid and safe biomechanics when striking/kicking/standing. Thus there are 10 basics strikes, 3 basic kicks, and 2 basic “stances” – it may not sound like a lot, but this method leaves plenty of room for permutation – just want to make sure they’re executed solidly.

Attack of the Night

The emphasis in this style of Kenpo is to build structurally sound responses to various types of attacks. The basic idea behind it is “less is more” – there are no forms or set techniques. Students develop responses that work for them in various situations of size/strength.

Sparring/Reaction Chains

Sparring comes in later in the system (around Brown Belt), prior to Brown Belt the focus is on the student developing and conditioning responses to various attacks. Sparring is used to increase the aliveness of the situation, the opponent is allowed to use whatever and the student further develops their response capabilities.

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