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  • The OODA Loop

    Colonel John Boyd coined a concept he called the O.O.D.A. Loop (he apparently always said each letter as opposed to calling the oo-dah loop), a simple way of looking at a conflict (typically physical). The letters in the acronym stand for: The basic idea being that first an action must be observed (a punch is […]

  • Training Method Notes

    The training methodology employed in Casey Clayton’s Kenpo is a modified version of how he was trained by Mills Crenshaw and Ed Parker Sr. (Master Clayton was awarded his Black Belt by Ed Sr. in late ’62 or early ’63). Basics The foundation of the system relies on solid and safe biomechanics when striking/kicking/standing. Thus […]

  • Goals for Training

    Martial arts are wonderful things, but they can’t be all things to all people simultaneously. There’s simply no way that someone could train elite level athletes, military personnel, law-enforcement, and civilians in self-protection effectively at the same time with the same curriculum – the goals and requirements are just too different. The goals for the […]

  • Curriculum Layout

    Connected Response (CoRe) Kenpo is a system of Kenpo developed by Master Casey Clayton based on his training under SGM Ed Parker and his accumulated experience and advanced research in Human Bio-Mechanics/Kinesiology. Overview Please Note: Master Clayton and I have been going back and forth on how things will be laid out in terms of […]