Going for my CEH v11

I’ve decided to go after the Certified Ethical Hacker certification v11.

Why do it?

For a long time, I always wanted to be a hacker, even though I had no idea what it actually meant.

Now that I’ve been involved in the security space, I understand that a hacker (at least in the definition I like) is someone who is simply curious and likes to make stuff do things they weren’t intended to do – I haven’t let myself just play or be curious about things for a long time.

I used to test software, the whole point (even though I – and most of company management – didn’t realize it at the time) was to test the boundaries of the software – not only test for the desired outcomes, but to do seemingly strange things and see how the software reacted.

What’s the point of NerdJutsu?

Right now it’s to document my personal projects and help me build a body of work to show employers (because I’m selfish like that), but I’m hoping my notes and documentation can help other people who need it – much like I’ve used throughout the last couple of decades.

First Project – CEH v11 Notes

My first project is going to be documenting the process of getting ready to take the exam – I’m going to post notes and thoughts about what I’m learning/reviewing.

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