Footprinting and Recon

Section Overview

When profiling a target it’s important to know what you’re up against. There are several methods to gain information – most of which is available publicly. The information posted are quite often valuable for job seekers and people looking to do business with the target, however these same sources of information can be used to build a broad and often very detailed picture of a target.


What is Footprinting?

  • What types of Footprinting are there?
  • What are the 4 objectives of Footprinting?
  • What are major sources of information and some examples?

What is another name for Footprinting?

What is Reconnaissance?

What kinds of information would you look for when Footprinting?

Why are job sites a goldmine of information when Footprinting?

What kinds of information can you get from an email header?

What types of information can you get from a Whois Lookup?

What are different types of DNS records and what information can you get from them?

Once you have an IP or a set of IPs, what information could you gain from a traceroute?

Why is Social Engineering such a useful set of tools?

  • What are some examples of Social Engineering?

What are some possible countermeasures to Footprinting?

What are some common tools used to perform Recon on a network?

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