Class Recap – 1/17/2023

  • Discussed and experimented with the “not flat-footed” way of standing (simply shift your weight into one foot or the other when standing)
  • Discussed the Striking Base and the Kicking Base
  • Went through the basic strikes
  • Attack of the night: Hook Punch
    • Paired off and switched up partners
    • Ran a technique line at the end
  • Reviewed the rules of gun safety:
    • Always assume a firearm is loaded
    • Never point a gun at something you don’t intend to kill/destroy
    • Be aware of what’s behind your target
    • Keep your finger off of the trigger until you’re ready to fire
  • Looked at the Tueller Drill
    • Took turns running ~21 feet at the runners discretion to give someone a high five with a timer going
    • Took turns drawing, aiming, and firing an airsoft pistol that’s a licensed replica of an H&K P30 pistol with a timer – start was at the discretion of the time keeper
    • Everyone was able to cover 21 feet for a high five at under 1.6 second
    • Draw to first shot times ranged from 0.93 seconds to 3.53 seconds
    • The high-five times may have been assisted by the gymnastics floor the class is conducted on
  • Reviewed the idea of a “Reasonable Man” from a legal standpoint (and how looking at things like the Tueller Drill adds to knowledge for a reasonable person)

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