Category: Notes

  • Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground

    I was watching the following video from Andrew Branca at the Law of Self Defense and wanted to do a distillation for my classes (and anyone else that’s interested in self-protection). Elements of Self-Defense There are five elements that have to be present for a claim of “Self-Defense” to be valid: I’m not going to […]

  • Enumeration

    What types of connection does an attacker initiate during the Enumeration phase of an attack? What kinds of information are attackers looking for during this phase? How would you enumerate and prevent enumeration with: Email IDs Default Passwords SNMP Brute Forcing Active Directory DNS Zone Transfer What are protocol types and ports for for: DNS […]

  • Job Interview Tips

    I had the chance to participate in a panel to help students at the local tech college get an IT job by providing the perspective of an employer – I thought I’d try to impart all of the pieces I remembered from all of the panel members (including myself).

  • Common NMAP Scans

    There are several useful scan types for NMAP, here are the usages.

  • Scanning Networks

    Section Overview Once an overall picture (footprint) of a network has been established, the next step is to take that information and probe for useful information about what’s in the network. Questions What are the objectives of a network scan? What is the difference between TCP and UDP? What are the flags used by TCP? […]

  • Footprinting and Recon

    Section Overview When profiling a target it’s important to know what you’re up against. There are several methods to gain information – most of which is available publicly. The information posted are quite often valuable for job seekers and people looking to do business with the target, however these same sources of information can be […]

  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking

    Section Overview There needs to be a solid grounding in basic terms and ideas that used in Penetration Testing as a whole and by extension Ethical Hacking. An Ethical Hacker needs to understand systems and why they are built the way they are, as well they need to understand things such as legal and regulator […]