Where's the Quick Start Guide Fortinet?

So I was recently trying to support some Fortinet switches – 348Bs – wow, what a pain in the ass.

Why were they a pain in the ass?

Because of one damn thing.

There have been times in the past, where when I’ve looked through manuals I would think to myself “why are they rehashing the ‘Quick Start Guide’ that was included in the packaging?”

Well – I found out why those rehashes are nice – what if you loose the Quick Start Guide?

I was handed a stack of these 348B switches that don’t have support contracts – but you can still buy – for $2400 through Amazon – without the quick start guide.

I couldn’t find a way to communicate with them as the documented IP address didn’t also include VLAN or port number to access the interface – so I did a factory reset.

After plugging a rollover cable in, I attempted to throw some configuration bits I found in Fortinet’s manual for the Fortiswitch environment – with no luck – even making sure I had the correct version of software selected – 2.0 (yeah the previous admin didn’t keep up on updates).

So I went back to the beginning of the manual, and I checked another manual, and another manual – I kept finding the same damn thing at the beginning of the manual:

“Before you start administrating your FortiSwitch unit, it is assumed that you have completed the initial configuration of the FortiSwitch unit, as outlined in the QuickStart Guide for your FortiSwitch model and have administrative access to the FortiSwitch unit’s web-based manager and CLI.”


Hmm okay, great, every other product I’ve ever had to support has had this available right next to the manual – shouldn’t be a problem.

Looking at the official Fortinet documentation site – yeah a nice middle finger to me and everyone else who has to support these out of contract.

So I tried calling Fortinet’s support line and was told that they couldn’t help me unless I had a contract, but that I should try their Knowledge base and Docs site – okay tried the docs, but not the Knowledge base – oh wait, has links to the same damn locations and list of files as the docs site…

Well hey if I had a Fortinet router apparently it would allow me to configure everything on the switch – oh but I don’t have one of those and can’t find the quick start guide for 348Bs through Google or Duck Duck Go.

At this point I’m simply forced to say: F*CK YOU FORTINET!

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