Getting Started

What is NerdJutsu?

NerdJutsu is me rebuilding my life after a divorce.

The divorce hasn’t been bad, but it’s been a huge wake up call for me. I’ve let my passion die, my life has stagnated as a whole, and thus things need to change.

NerdJutusu is going to be me documenting going through the process(es) of building my life into something awesome.

My goal is to help people like me do the same.

If you’re like me:

  • You’ve got good friends, but romance is lacking
  • You’ve got a decent job, but you’re not making gobs money
  • You’ve got some stuff going for you, but you want to kick things up
  • You’ve realized the value of asking for directions, but you’re lost on where to go first

In short: you want to improve your life but having options is not a problem.¬†Figuring out which move to make first on the other hand…

Where to get started

I’ve been burying myself in Scot McKay’s stuff (X&Y Communications, yeah dating at the forefront of my mind) and Listening to a ton of stuff by Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins said that one of the first thing he learned was that “success leaves clues.

There was something I was listening to later, I think they quoted Ben Franklin. But the gist was that a successful life has four parts to it (it may or may not have been Tai Lopez, but I’m taking anything from him with a grain of salt):

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Happiness

So what I’ve started working on has been:

  • Improve my health – through weight lifting, yoga, and diet
  • Improve my finances – I’m building a martial arts class and monitoring my money
  • My love life – Putting stuff from Scot McKay into practice
  • Happiness – Spending time with friends, family and exploring new hobbies

Are you in?

If you are, which area do you want to improve the most?

Put your answer in the comments below and lets get to work!


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