False Accomplishment

Why are video games and YouTube lectures so addicting?

I think it’s because they both leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished something.

I’ve thrown hundreds of hours into playing Fallout, and while I don’t regret spending the time – the feelings of actually accomplishing something outside of taking some time to unplug and relax are entirely unwarranted.

I’ve realized something very similar with a habit of watching YouTube videos on various topics and then never doing anything with the information. Simply having watched (or listened) to the video is a half distracted manner is enough to leave me feeling like I’m somehow more qualified.

I’ve been looking at how I’ve been spending my time recently and I realized for the most part my YouTube binges do nothing except eat time and feed an addiction to constant stimuli.

Yeah, learning something for the sake of learning it is just fine. But when I’m only half paying attention to various topics on things I’ll probably never put to use – I think it’s easy to say I’m just wasting time as opposed to being productive.

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