There’s a really beautiful elegance in getting under a weight you have to struggle to move and then moving it repeatedly. The human body and mind have evolved to overcome obstacles, either through direct action or by getting around them with ingenuity. With weightlifting you develop good form which maximizes your ability to generate force […]

Why are video games and YouTube lectures so addicting? I think it’s because they both leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished something. I’ve thrown hundreds of hours into playing Fallout, and while I don’t regret spending the time – the feelings of actually accomplishing something outside of taking some time to unplug and relax are […]

Sisyphus cursed to spend all day pushing a boulder uphill, only to watch it roll down the hill at the end of the day. When you’re stuck in the middle of working toward something it feels like everyday you’ve worked hard only to start the next day and feel like nothing changed. But as cheesy […]

The question of what exactly makes a Martial Artist an “artist” is something that has crossed my mind more than a few times over the years. I don’t know that I can really call myself a “martial artist” but I have been something of a “martial craftsman.” But I think I’ve come to a good […]

Let’s face it IT professionals aren’t typically known for their social skills. Like I said in my previous post on “Stupid Users” you need to keep in mind that your job is to help people who aren’t as knowledgeable on IT matters as you are. That involves communicating with people. Communication is a “soft” skill. […]

Early on in my IT career I worked in tech support hell – I did tech support for a web hosting company. If you want the biggest bunch of ungrateful, cheap-ass SOBs, try proving support for people who expect to run an internet based business making “thousands of dollars and hour” from an account that […]